Saturday, May 21, 2005


I was walking outside Istana when I saw a small black, grey furry bundle on the floor pavement. On closer look, it was a small, grey dirty kitten, the size of my palm.

It was licking or eating what seems like brick color mould of cat food and there were ants all around the brick patch.

My heart went all out to the kitten, but what could I do?

I got 2 dogs at home and I dun think they would be friendly to a small kitten. My dogs were outcasts from former owners who do not want them anymore.

Anyway, what are chances of survival for the kitten? It was in the middle of the city...what sources of food are there? How can it take care of itself?

And what can I do? call the SPCA? They would probably put it to sleep. Is that a better choice?

What can I do? Bring it home? How many kittens or strays can I save? 1 at a time?

I can't do it. It's too heart-breaking and I get too emotional. That's why I dun think I can volunteer at the SPCA or animal shelter. I dun have the heart to see animals put to sleep though it is a necessary evil due to limited space constraints.

So I did the thing I normally do....I walked away...helpless...and heavy in heart.
But this time I wrote about it.

It's not your life ...kitten. SORRY, I can't help u. I dun have the resources and I dun know how. I can only feel sorry for u.