Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wrong number again ..and again

This dude called again. Wrong number. This is the sixth time. It started on 20 april. I dun answered numbers to my mobile unless I know the person or the number. There is always the voice mail.

The first 3 times he called in April, I ignored...thinking well....I dun know the why should I answer or call back. If there is anything urgent, leave a message...if not...goodbye.

Then he called again the fourth early may. I did not answered...but he did leave me a voice message...asking me to call back and leaving his contact.

I was I DID called back an hour later. I asked if he called and who he wanted to speak to. He said...DALPHE pls. I told him such person...sorry wrong number.

And yesterday, his number appeared again....That was the fifth time!

I mean how stupid can u get? How can u call so many times and not realise the number is wrong? Even if the number is close in range....u dun make a mistake so many times!!!

Today he called again, leaving a message...asking Dalphe for a job for his daughter.

I was fed up. And I sent him a text messages that says...U call the WRONG number ..AGAIN.

He text me back to apologize...Sorry...thanks for letting me know.

Stupid idiot. I mean how stupid can he get? 6 times??? I mean if u call by mistake for the first few times...I can still forgive his stupidity...but 6 times!!!!

Anyway, I could have screamed and shouted at him...calling him an idiot to his face...
but then he has my number....and knows where I am calling from...

I prefer to be more sneaky....hahahaha
Will probably call him in the middle of the night.....from a unlisted number....