Saturday, May 21, 2005

SO - Significant Other

Before I go further here, I have to introduce my SO - Significant Other. Many things that happened to me...involve SO. But then not everything evolved around SO.

So when I refer to SO in certain means I am referring to my Significant Other.

SO and me have been together with me for many many many years...Gosh I never tot that I can be so committed. Maybe even a bit domesticated...hahaha

SO and I have different personalities,hobbies,interests and preferences...

For example....

SO loves plants, gardening and aquarium fishes....
which I dun.

I love my music, videos, reading and surfing the net...which SO dun.
SO claims to be too busy to engage in such activies...and when SO's about plants, gardening and fishes...
Whereas for me...I read anything that is non fiction and has a good story line.

SO is great in maths...which I am NOT!

SO loves horror movies....which I dun....but I am okay with all other genre.

By 930 at night, SO's eye lids start to get droopy...and by 10...he's half asleep...

Whereas for me...I am a night owl. I spent my nights till 2 to 3 am...doing stuff....working...watching TV...and I definitely spent countless nights watching SO sleep.

But SO is a morning person. SO wakes up sharp at 6 every morning...even without an alarm clock.
I only start functioning after 9 - 10 am. And I have to really drag myself out of bed to start the day.

As for food, SO is not very adventurous. SO refuses to eat any fish cos of the smell, squid cos of the texture, bitter gourd cos of the taste...and many other stuff. Sometimes SO eats the same type of food, day in day out.
As for me, I am more long as there is no fat, no animal skin and no strange parts, I will probably eat it.

Personality wise, I think mine is explosive and quick tempered...I can hold grudges at times...but I am also more forgiving....SO is more patient..I think!...but he is also less compassionate?
How should I put this? I care about people around me...even after when they are not around me, neighbor's, chefs, friends, lovers, girlfriends, boyfriends..etc
For SO, once it's over...SO not interested to know what happen to them in their current life....For me, I am curious about what happen to these people whom I used to know...

I read the obituaries page every day....sometimes I see a familiar face or two. SO doesn't care. SO thinks I a crazy...tracking these people down....But I am really curious to know that they are doing good still, have a great life..etc