Monday, May 16, 2005

Yaya Papaya

Why the name Yaya? Yaya, where I come from (Planet S), means proud..arrogant...stuck-up....something akin to being snobbish.. ??

And being called Yaya Papaya is not exactly a compliment.
eg....Mr X is so yaya papaya...means that he is proud..arrogant and snobbish!

But hey, I am none of that. I simply chose this username cos it came to me when I was asleep. I was contemplating on a new name for a blog...something easy to remember...funny...and!! And Mr Yaya just popped into my mind.

And Mr Yaya just seem to flow fluently from the mouth...

Anyway, there are really people whose name are Yaya. Once of them I think I know was my college principal, Mr Yaya. At least that's what I think his name is...!

One of the things I do like to say often yaya yaya. And when I do that....I may not actually be agreeing with could be I am humoring u, or accommodating u...patronising u...etc.

No offense, pls!