Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Purpose/ Meaning of Life

Reading the eulogy of Dr Wee Kim Wee reminded me of something some one asked me some time back....what is the meaning / purpose of life?

I was taken aback. "Frankly, I dun know"...i told him. "Maybe die without regrets??"

"What's your's?" I asked him.

"Make a million before I am 30 or 40??" he jested. "Frankly, I really dun know yet." he confessed.

Is money and material wealth really that important? Can u really find the meaning and purpose in life with money or material possessions?

Who really knows what is the meaning of life?

Reading the eulogy made me realise...that life is just life.

Live LIFE to the fullest. Be kind to the people around or strangers...LOVE, TREASURE AND CHERISH them and LOVE all animals.

And maybe then....just maybe....u will die happy and without any regrets.