Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Astrological Weight at Birth

Some chinese believe that each one has a astrological weight which corresponds to the date and time of birth. The heavier the weight the better the luck...It is believed that this weight offers an accurate indication of the person's life fortune.

Mine is 5 liang 7 chin...which translates to......

Yours is a life of prosperity and you are equipped with everything. You have so much happiness and so much prosperity. You will have fame and respect and will be admired by others. Life is just fantastic for you! Display a phoenix painting in the South sector to enhance your good name even more. Then your life becomes even more meaningful.

Astrological birth weight can be calculated at

Eh...believe it or not...up to the individual....And one more thing, it is not wise to provide strangers the time of birth as it is believed that with the date and time of birth, curses and hexes can be placed on the person.